What are the Strongest Zip Ties? & Zip Ties Size Chart

In this article we’ll take a closer look at the various sizes of zip ties, their bundle diameter and tensile strength. 

There is a wide range of sizes to choose from, and the large selection of options can seem daunting when deciding which size and strength is best for the task at hand.

We’ll take a closer look at the different sizes available sizes and unpack the jargon behind bundle diameter and tensile strength to provide all the information you’ll need to choose the right solution. 


How are zip ties measured? 

Zip ties are measured in millimetres. The length of the zip tie is measured from the head of the tie to the tail, and the width is measured from side to side on the body of the tie. 

The best common size is 12” however the sizes available go from 3.15" to 60.24".  

What is meant by the zip tie bundle diameter?

Bundle diameter refers to the size of the bundle of cables or wires that can be secured, which is measured in millimetres.

It is important to choose a zip tie with a large enough bundle diameter.

Consider purchasing zip ties with additional space, as it’s better to have extra space that can be trimmed if needed, than too have too little space.

What is zip tie tensile strength? 

Tensile strength is measured as the level of resistance or load a zip tie can endure without the material failing under tension. The units of measure are typically kilograms or pounds.

We use minimum tensile strength in our datasheets and technical materials. This refers to the minimum threshold strength that a zip tie is certified to before it breaks under load. In reality, quality zip ties will generally outperform this stated strength.

Minimum tensile strengths vary, primarily based on the width of the zip tie.

What sizes do zip ties come in and what are the strongest zip ties?

The smallest zip ties are as small as 3.15" in length, and 0.1" in width for standard nylon zip ties, making them idea for tasks that require a smaller surface area than the standard sized zip ties.

The strongest zip ties, in terms of minimum tensile strength, can withstand weight up to 365lbs for the 39" x 0.3" stainless steel zip ties, making them ideal for heavy duty industrial applications.

We have included three charts below covering standard nylon, releasable and stainless steel zip ties, to provide an overview of the different sizes, bundle diameters and tensile strengths of the main types of zip ties.

*Please note that we don't sell all these zip ties mentioned here currently on our website but we are working on getting them live as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

See below for the table regarding how tensile strength is measured to its width. This may vary with the stainless steel zip ties.

Tensile Strength (lbs) Width of a zip tie (inches)
18 0.098
40 0.142
50 0.188
120 0.299
175 0.500

Standard Nylon Zip Ties (Black, white and colored zip ties have the same tensile strength and bundle diameter)

SKU  Length & Tensile Strength Weight per pack (lbs) Pack Qty Bundle Diameter (inches)
CT4-18-B-100 4" (18lb) 0.07054784 100 0.87
CT6-40-B-100 6" (40lb) 0.159 100 1.42
CT8-18-B-100 8" (18lb) 0.1543234 100 2.16
CT12-40-B-100 12" (40lb) 0.30423756 100 2.99
CT8-50-B-100 8" (50lb) 0.32628376 100 2.99
CT12-50-B-100 12" (50lb) 0.49383488 100 2.04
CT14-50-B-100 14" (50lb) 0.5952474 100 3.27
CT12-120-B-100 12" (120lb) 1.04498988 100 4.13
CT14-120-B-100 14" (120lb) 1.09349152 100 3.98
CT18-120-B-100 18" (120lb) 1.66669272 100 5.04
CT21-175-B-100 21" (175lb) 2.10320748 100 6.30
CT22-250-B-100 22" (250lb) 3.637623 100 6.65

Releasable / Reusable Nylon Zip Ties (Black, white and colored releasable zip ties have the same tensile strength and bundle diameter) 

SKU  Color Length & Tensile Strength Weight per pack (lbs) Pack Qty Bundle Diameter (inches)
RCT6-120-B Black 6", 120lb 0.397 100 1.97
RCT8-120-B Black 8", (120lb) 0.573 100 2.56
RCT12-120-B Black 12", (120lb) 0.705 100 3.15
RCT14-120-B Black 14" (120lb) 0.893 100 4.25
RCT6-120-N White 6", 120lb 0.397 100 1.97
RCT8-120-N White 8", (120lb) 0.573 100 2.56
RCT12-120-N White 12", (120lb) 0.705 100 3.15
RCT14-120-N White 14" (120lb) 0.893 100 4.25
RCT10-120-YLW Yellow 10", 120lb 0.584 100 2.56
RCT10-120-BLU Blue 10", 120lb 0.584 100 2.56
RCT10-120-GRN Green 10", 120lb 0.584 100 2.56
RCT10-120-RED Red 10", 120lb 0.584 100 2.56

Stainless Steel Zip Ties (Coated zip ties have the same tensile strength and bundle diameter)

Tensile Strength (lbs) Width of a zip tie (inches)
200 0.18
350 0.31
SKU  Length & Tensile Strength Weight per pack (lbs) Pack Qty Bundle Diameter (inches)
SSCT-6-350-100 6" (350lb) 0.440924 100 1.57
SSCT-8-350-100 8" (350lb) 1.0912869 100 2.20
SSCT-6-200-100 6" (200lb) 0.4739933 100 1.578
SSCT-12-350-100 12" (350lb) 1.433003 100 3.46
SSCT-10-200-100 10" (200lb) 0.5732012 100 2.95
SSCT-14-200-100 14" (200lb) 0.8377556 100 4.21
SSCT-14-350-100 14" (350lb) 1.6314188 100 4.21
SSCT-8-200-100 8" (200lb) 0.5732012 100 2.20
SSCT-12-200-100 12" (200lb) 0.771617 100 3.46

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