Zip Ties / Cable Ties

Zip Ties / Cable Ties sold by GTSE offer a high-quality solution to fastening and cable management needs. The order quantity based tiered pricing for our zip ties, also refered to as cable ties and tie wraps, ensures we are competitive on price, no matter how big or small your requirement is.

Our zip tie products include durable nylonheavy dutyreusable and metal zip ties in addition to many other specialist zip ties and tools.

Standard Zip Ties

UL approved Nylon 66, 94V-2. High tensile strength with low insertion force. Variety of sizes and colors.

Carton Deals

Save up to 30% off the single pack price.

Box deals in black or white zip ties.


Metal Zip Ties

Stainless steel zip ties. High resistance to weathering and ageing. Perfect for harsh environments. 

Heavy Duty Zip Ties

Perfect for use in harsh operating environments, due to their additional strength and resistance to conditions.


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18lbs (2.5mm)

40 - 50lbs (3.6 - 4.8mm)

120lbs (7.6mm)

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