Best Zip Ties to Use for Heavy Duty & Industrial Applications

Heavy duty zip ties are used in almost limitless applications across many industries. You’ll find them wherever there are lots of cables that need organizing, for example in electrical installations, manufacturing, music concerts, construction projects and many more. 

Read on to learn more about the best zip ties to use for heavy duty applications. 

What are heavy duty zip ties used for?

Heavy duty zip ties are used to secure large bundles of electrical cables or pipes in place, mainly for safety purposes, organization and efficiency. They’re also used in harsh environments with demanding weather or operating conditions, such as on aeroplanes, ships, on offshore oil refineries and mines. 

Heavy duty ties are chosen because of their ability to perform under high load and environmental stress. This is partly due to their material - UL approved nylon or stainless steel - and their high tensile strength. Tensile strength is a measure of the maximum stress the zip tie can withstand before breaking. It is also known as tension level. 

Our guide to the strongest zip ties has more information on tensile strength, zip tie dimensions and maximum bundle diameters.  

Heavy duty zip ties

Heavy duty nylon zip ties are wider and longer than standard zip ties. Made from UL approved nylon polyamide, they are ideal for endless applications and come in a vast range of sizes.

At the moment we sell only the 14" heavy duty zip ties with a tensile strength of 120lb. They are avaliable in 10 different colors. 

Stainless steel zip ties

Stainless steel zip ties offer the highest levels of tensile strength available - up to 350lb. Made from 316 marine grade steel, they’re commonly used in the aerospace industry in planes, which contain hundreds of miles of electrical cabling. 

They’re designed to withstand extreme ranges of working temperature - from -112°F to +1004°F. It’s not surprising that they’re used in some of the most harsh work environments such as power plants, mines and oil and gas platforms. 

On our website we have 9 variations of these stainless steel zip ties. These are:

  • 6" (200lb Tensile Strength)
  • 6" (350lb Tensile Strength)
  • 8" (200lb Tensile Strength)
  • 8" (350lb Tensile Strength)
  • 10" (200lb Tensile Strength)
  • 10" (350lb Tensile Strength) 
  • 12" (200lb Tensile Strength)
  • 12" (350lb Tensile Strength) 
  • 14" (200lb Tensile Strength)
  • 14" (350lb Tensile Strength) 

*if you require stronger or longer version of these zip ties, send us an enquiry and we'll have a look at what we can do to get them to you.

Black PVC coated stainless steel zip ties



PVC coated stainless steel zip ties are highly robust, with a strong resistance to ageing and weathering. They are frequently used in the marine and mining industries because they are built to cope with exposure to water, salt and harsh chemicals. 

Their working temperature range is not as wide as the standard stainless steel zip ties, but it is still suitable for most applications. The range starts from -40°F and goes up to +302°F.

*these zip ties are not currently not on our website but we are working on getting them live on our website as soon as we can. 

Black epoxy coated stainless steel zip ties


Our epoxy coated stainless steel zip ties have the same specification and working temperature range as the PVC coated ties, but they feature a black head instead of silver. So if a consistent look is important to you, they are a good alternative option.

*these zip ties are not currently not on our website but we are working on getting them live on our website as soon as we can.

Which accessories to use with heavy duty zip ties?

Heavy duty zip tie accessories and tools

If you’re installing lots of heavy duty zip ties, it helps to use some tools to make the job quicker and easier. 

Zip tie automatic installation and cutting tool

Our zip tie automatic installation and cutting gun makes light work of fastening and cutting lots of zip ties. It works with zip ties between 0.1" and 0.5" wide and is easy to use. You simply insert the zip tie, set the required tension with the control, release and cut.  

Cutter and tensioning tool for stainless steel zip ties

To tension and cut metal zip ties, we recommend using our zip tie cutter for stainless steel zip ties. 

The tool has a trigger mechanism for efficiency, and cuts cleanly without leaving sharp edges. 

How can you attach a heavy duty zip tie to the wall?

To secure heavy duty zip ties to a wall or other flat surface, you can use zip tie mount saddle bases.

By using a screw to attach the mount, they provide stability and can be used with any zip ties measuring up to 0.04" wide.


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