Best Zip Ties to Use in the Garden

If you’re a keen gardener, zip ties are a really useful addition to your toolkit. From securing plants, to organizing tools in your shed, there are many purposes zip ties can be used for. 

With many different types and colors available, here are some of the best zip ties to use in the garden.

Green zip ties

Keep your plants secure and tidy with our range of green zip ties. They are self-locking, durable, very strong, and the green color means they won’t stand out against foliage. 

Our green releasable zip ties are ideal for securing growing vegetable plants to stakes to give them support. As the plants get bigger, you can release the zip ties, resize and move them to give the plants more space to grow. 

If you’re growing lots of varieties of vegetables, printed zip ties* could come in handy to make plant identification easy.

Brown zip ties


If you have lots of climbing roses or other plants that need training while they grow, we recommend using nylon brown zip ties. These are thin, light and unobtrusive. They are suitable for tying stems to trellises, fences, or walls, if you have some screw hooks already in place.

You can also use them to secure netting, construct frames for runner beans, or build wigwams for growing peas and other climbing vegetables.

If you have any young trees in your garden, brown zip ties can be used to support them. Simply tie them around the trunk and support. .

Reusable and releasable zip ties

Releasable zip ties are perfect for the garden as they are designed to be reopened and adjusted, unlike standard zip ties. This reduces waste as you can reuse them an almost limitless number of times. 

Our releasable trigger zip ties come in six colors - black, white, yellow, blue, green and red. They are avaliable in different sizes and the quick release mechanism is easily released by hand. 

Our hook and loop zip ties are another option for organizing items in your shed or greenhouse. They are made of a strong textile material and are reusable. 

Biodegradable zip ties*

An alternative to reusable zip ties are our white biodegradable zip ties. They are designed to biodegrade after at least two years, under exposure to UV light, heat, moisture and microorganisms.

Black zip ties

Our black zip ties are handy for using in the garden all year round, for multiple applications.  They’re useful for attaching protective covers to garden furniture in the winter, hanging tools in the shed, or holding pipes for garden watering systems in place. 

In winter, you can use black zip ties to help decorate your garden and house with lights. Make an impressive display by attaching fairy lights to the branches of a tree with zip ties, or line your fences with a string of solar lights. 

We also sell heavy duty black zip ties, which are resistant to weathering, and black releasable zip ties if you want to reuse them in future. 

UV resistant zip ties

UV stabilised zip ties are designed for use outdoors or in other places where there would be long term exposure to UV rays or heat. They are ideal for use in gardens or greenhouses where they will be situated in daily sunlight over several years. 

Buy GTSE zip ties

We sell a huge variety of affordable, high-quality zip ties suitable for endless applications around the home and garden. All of our low cost zip ties come in packs of 100, so you’ll have more than enough for all the jobs you need to do. 

Take a look at our range of zip ties. 

*Please note that we don't sell all these zip ties mentioned here currently on our website but we are working on getting them live as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.